anonymous payment provider

Key Data

  • Trading Name: Ywallitpay
  • Legal Entity: Greensun Company Ltd 
  • Activities: Payment Institution
  • Regulations: none
  • Key People: Ken McLarty (Linkedin)

Ywallitpay is a payment solution for online merchants.


The integrated Payment API provided by the company enables merchants to utilize their platform for accepting payments for products and services. According to the company’s own assertions, they are capable of providing tailor-made solutions for businesses of any size, and specialize in mitigating chargebacks.

Legal entity  

The organization asserts its presence in Canada, however, we have been apprised by sources that their subsidiary entity, Greensun Company Ltd. (registration number 153946), is or was registered in Belize and is presently inactive, as indicated by the company registry. Ywallitpay’s website is bereft of any details regarding its legal standing, founders, or pertinent regulatory information.


not disclosed on the website

Involving Persons

According to a whistleblower is a key partner of the company Ken McLarty


We have received information from customers of the provider that Ywallitpay is scamming their customers and withholding funds and not paying the settlements back

As a result of the provider’s anonymity, absence from social media, lack of web presence, and reported grievances from merchants regarding unsettled transactions, we have assigned a RED rating to Ywallit Pay, which may be subject to revision upon further information becoming available.

We strongly advise against cooperation with the company

1 review

  1. Ywallitpay's Unreliable Settlement Service, potentially fraudulent entity

    Initially, Ywallitpay processed settlements on time, but as soon as the transaction volume increased, they started holding settlements without any valid explanation. The abrupt change in settlement practices and the subsequent disappearing act strongly suggest that Ywallitpay is nothing more than a scam operation. Ywallitpay proved to be highly unreliable. Their failure to fulfil their settlement commitments and the subsequent lack of communication make them an untrustworthy partner for any financial transactions.

    In conclusion, Ywallitpay is an untrustworthy company that engages in scam-like behaviours, withholding settlements, ignoring customers, and causing significant financial losses. I strongly advise against doing any business with them. Protect your finances and avoid the disastrous experience I had with Ywallitpay.

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