XUP Payments

End-to-end payment platform

XUP Payments is a vertically aligned payments platform that seamlessly connects financial service providers, processors, merchants and ultimately customers.

Their platform gives merchants the ability to manage acquiring transactions and accounts directly in a bank’s online banking system.
Its omni-channel services offer a service allowing a customer to start a transaction online and complete it in person with a bank employee, and vice versa.

XUP, a spin off of Midtown Consulting Group, was established in 2020 in North Carolina, US by Chris May (Linkedin), Craig Sobol (Linkedin) and Kyle Bridges (Linkedin).

The company was acquired in November 2021 by the Keybank.

Key was an early investor in XUP, and this transaction is an extension of the partnership between the two companies that has reshaped Key’s merchant payments capabilities and accelerated volume growth in the top quartile.

We rate the company on Green.

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