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  • Trading Name: Total Processing
  • Legal Entity: Total Processing Limited
  • Activities:  providing customized payment solutions
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Regulations: none
  • Key People: Alex Leigh

Total Processing is a fintech company transforming the payments sector by providing customized payment solutions for e-commerce and in-store channels worldwide.

Total Processing Ltd, headquartered in Manchester, was established in 2015 by Alex Leigh, who is one of the beneficial owners beside Jean-Michel Soopramanien and Matthew Hamer. Cameron Kai Ming LEE, Alex Leigh, and Robert Arthur Pailin are the company’s directors.


Total Processing uses its accredited network of strategic partners to offer a range of hosted and integrated solutions to businesses of all sizes. Providing full global coverage, Total Processing prides itself on pioneering payment strategies with access to the world’s leading payment gateways and acquiring options and additional expertise in risk management and data analytics.

Their service includes:


The company supports SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in setting up various payment options. They advise potential customers on the most appropriate payment methods to increase sales and improve competitiveness. The company provides the support of coding specialists and payment engineers to organize the process.

Total Processing claims to be one of the UK’s fastest-growing fintech companies, delivering its services to more than 3,000 clients.


NomuPay (PR42 Profile) has acquired Total Processing in November 2023, a merchant services provider, aiming to expand in Southeast Asia, Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East. Total Processing’s merchant-focused approach aligns with NomuPay’s vision for enhancing customer experience. The acquisition integrates Total Processing’s services into NomuPay’s Unified Payments Platform, offering improved reporting and transaction capabilities. NomuPay’s licensing in Europe and Southeast Asia will extend Total Processing’s reach into new markets. This strategic move promises accelerated growth and innovation, with plans to expand tools and operations globally.

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