Australian crypto gateway operator

RelayPay is Australia’s first digital currency payment platform that allows digital currency holders to seamlessly shop online, pay a bill or make a bank transfer using their cryptocurrencies with just one click.

The company connects to crypto fiat exchanges around the world, which have a combined trading volume of about $3 trillion. It settles with traders within 24 hours in local currency, at lower exchange rates and without the risk of fraud or chargebacks, according to its own statement.

Products Offered by RelayPay are:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Enabling crypto-payments
  • Bill Payments
  • Crypto-loans

The company was established 2019 by Erica YangCharlie Karaboga and Jordan Momtazi.

Since we did not find any irregularities around the company, we place RelayPay on our “Green Compliance” list.

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