Verified global high-risk payment processor

Key Data

  • Trading Names: RagaPay
  • Legal Entities: Ragapay Ltd
  • Activities: High-risk payment processor
  • Locations: London, Dubai, Singapore, India, Malta
  • Regulations: no
  • Key People: Steven John, Andrew Thomas, Christina Fox, Harvey Carr, Sherlyn Grace, Kristi Lee.
  • Contact data:
    • Skype: live:.cid.feebf9d54425626b
    • telegram: @andrew_ragapay
    • email: support@ragapay and info@ragapay

RagaPay is the trading name of RagaPay Ltd, a company registered and headquartered in the UK.

The Offering

RagaPay is a PSP focused on offering seamless solutions for high-risk verticals such as Gaming, Gambling, online casinos, Forex, crypt, CBD, Pharma, Nutra, etc.

They can onboard both licensed as well as Unlicensed verticals.

The PSP supports and accepts payments all over the globe apart from OFAC.

Currently, RagaPay offers 4 different types of solutions:

  1. Normal Card Solutions, which can accept VISA and MC globally (OFAC excluded)
  2. Fiat to crypto pay by link solution(On ramping)
  3. IBAN accounts
  4. PCI Dss Certification.

RagaPay‘s credit/debit card offering is aimed at operators of high-risk businesses such as online gambling, casinos, crypto, or investing. The website does not provide details on prices and conditions.


Ragapay contacted us and provided the necessary information to check their legitimacy. Thus, we could verify their profile. Therefore, we put Ragapay on our Green Compliance list.

16 reviews

  1. Ragapay should be in green

    We are working with them for 1 year now and never had any issues with them. Customer support is very good compared to other providers. Not sure why they are in black flag? May be payrate 42 wants some money to remove this fake review

  2. Ragapay should be green

    Been working with RAGAPAY since 1 year now and never had any complaints on them. Their customer support is exceptional. Not sure what payrate 42 gets from degrading the budding companies

  3. RAGAPAY is the BEST in the market Now

    How do I start? looking and listening to all the reviews about them we were really sceptical to work with them but the way they explained the solutions and how they can be a help for our business changed our decision.
    but once we started working with them there had been some issues where there was a delay in the settlement, we thought that these are one of those guys that runs away with the money,BUT!! They actually showed us what was the issue and were transparent with all the issues they had, the issue with the AQ bank they also did made us have a talk with the Bank directly which gave us clarity but lost money is lost money , The best thing about RAGAPAY is that they paid partial amount from their pocket while they were fixing the issue and they paid the rest of the amount that was pending after clearing the issue with the Bank that had issue on funds. I was sceptical about them to start with but now I can recommend this Solution to the merchants who are looking for “GENUINE ” solutions.

    when some of the merchants that we recommended sent us the link from payrate42 it was quite surprising how can someone like payrate42 post something ridiculous and foolish just out of assumption??

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Our rating is based on a set of rules. And one of the most important rules is that payment processors provide the required legal information on their websites. Have you found information about the operator on RagaPay’s website? Have you found any social media contacts to verify them? We didn’t.

      We finally identified UK-registered Ragapay Ltd as the operator. A company that was launched in 2021 with a GBP 1 share capital. A payment processor with no share capital cannot be trusted too much, right?

      Thus, we stick to our “black compliance” rating in the very best interest of merchants. They should be super-cautious.


    Been working with RAGAPAY for 7 months now. Never had any issues with them. They have always stood by our side and offered right solution hence we do stand by our provider who is facing baseless allegations. PAYRATE42 we merchants thought that its a genuine portal which does proper check before posting any reviews but it turns our that PAYRATE42 are just one of the other review platform like others. Very disappointed

    1. Hi Julia, thank you for your feedback. As we pointed out before, we have some rules on which our ratings are based. These rules are common sense in the worldwide internet society. A payment processor should know that he has to state all legal requirements on its website, right? That’s basic.

      We understand that your website (WCRE.org) reflects the mission of your organization to protect refugees. Your funding comes from public subsidies and donations. Wouldn’t you think that your payment processor should provide the highest level of transparency then?

      Always open to discuss our ratings, though!

  5. Hello PAYRATE 42 admin

    Hello admin. Yes we did contact them over linkedin first and we did have a face to face meeting in their UK office . If you do not have a proper information go research first and then post. Do not post hoax reviews just based on assumptions. We did really have some good impressions on payrate42 and fintelegram but this one is ridiculous

    1. From your IP address, we see you are connected with some of the others who left comments here. That’s fine for us, but please read our answers to these other comments. In our opinion, a payment processor has to provide all the required information on its website. It’s not our job to search for it (but we do). Failing to provide the required information on the website is definitely a no-go for us!

  6. Hello PAYRATE 42 admin dont delete my reply

    Hello admin, why are you deleting my review and reply to your question? Yes We did meet RAGAPAY in linkedin first through steven. And we did setup a physical meeting in the ICE LONDON that was more than enough to prove their legitimacy. But what surprises me is what are you getting from posting inaccurate information and defaming a company?

    I will repeat this hundred times. We really did think PAYRATE42 are genuine and post all genuine reviews but this is very very disappointing when it comes about someone we been working with.

    Also I have took screenshot of this review. If you delete again I will post on social media.

    1. We have not deleted any of your reviews! We know you have already provided several reviews with different email addresses and names from your IP address.

  7. Ragapay

    Lol! When you cant stand with your words now you come up with lame reason about ipaddress as no one will know and see what is the truth. Anyways merchants like us knows how legit solutions are and we will continue processing. But definitely not going to trust blindly about payrate42 reviews as we used to previously. Now we know the dark side also

  8. Been working for 8 months with RAGAPAY

    been working with Ragapay for 8 months now and never had any issues, we did setup a face to face meeting with Christina she was very sweet and very informative about the solution and the risk involved.
    and we never had any issue since 8 months. just because the director is from India PAYRATE42 marks on blacklist and links with other scammers its clearly “RACIST”

    1. Hello Robert, thank you for sharing your opinion. PayRate42 is certainly not rating payment processors based on their ethnicity. It is a fact, however, that we found several Indian payment processors that are ripping off merchants across jurisdictions. We also found such payment processors in Cyprus and exposed them! Is this also “racist?” India is a huge country with an admirable tech scene.

      If RagaPay is an honest payment processor, why does it not provide the required legal data on its website? Social media links are not working; no real people can be related to RagaPay.

      We have been contacted by RagaPay people but they have not been able to verify their identity. Would you call this an honest business approach?

  9. Liars, thieves, scammers

    They failed to deliver a working card processing solution, and lied to me too. They gladly took USDT3,000.00 to create an account, but when the account couldn’t do anything that was promised, no refund was provided. Harvey Carr and Andrew Thomas are thieves and scammers. I tried 3 different Visa/MC from different issuers and all were declined. The platform doesn’t even allow Amex cards, which they specifically said I’d be able to process and was a requirement, since those comprise 30-50% of payments received. Reported to Action Fraud and Interpol. Strange all the reviews are from March 5.

  10. Great solution, excellent customer support, worth the money.
    there are lot of competition in the market for RAGAPAY who is trying to bring them down and it is evident from the above review.

  11. More like Ragapay’s profile here is padded with fake reviews to mask their criminal activity. I’m hardly a competitor and my review and experience is 100% legit, verified genuine by Trustpilot https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/652fc1c8eb436e677e2a7766

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