Qube Money

US budgeting app

Qube Money is a mobile banking and budgeting app designed to support a variety of household dynamics:

  • Couples can opt for Qube Companion Cards to increase financial transparency and openly communicate about shared budgets.
  • For families, Qube Money provides a tool to track spending by different family members, or by using Kid Cards, parents and children learn responsible spending behaviors together.

A physical Qube Money debit card allows customers to access their pre-designated qube funds.

Qube Money accounts are backed by its partner bank, Choice Fin, a subsidiary of Choice Financial Group.

Qube Money claims its mission is to ‘free people from the tyranny of money by breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and eliminating personal debt.’

At present, it is available only to qualifying customers in the US.

Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the US, Qube Money was founded by Ryan Clark (Linkedin) and Shane Walker (Linkedin).

No irregularities around the company were identified and is therefore rated Green.

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