Estonian crypto payment gateway

Key Data

  • Trading Name: payWALA
  • Legal Entity: Walahala Europe O.U.
  • Activities: Cryptocurrencies platform
  • Location: Estonian
  • Regulations: Payment Institution, registered with the Estonia (E.U) Register

payWALA is a platform where people can spend cryptocurrencies of their choice, whether in stores or online.


payWALA is registered in the Estonian (EU) Registry under number 14648236.

They have a payment gateway that aims to enable the transfer of cryptocurrencies and allow merchants and their users to buy/sell with Bitcoin, Altcoins, Ethereum, Walahala Coin and many others.

Their service includes:

  • Instant payment
  • Phone-to-phone transaction
  • Crypto wallets

Its payment gateway can be used for payments on e-commerce websites, web portals, merchant portals, or can be used as an online payment gateway.


We could not find any irregularities around payWALA and rate it GREEN.

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