Pay Ladies

Payment Consultancy Firm in the High-Risk Branches

 Key Data

  • Trading Name: Pay Ladies
  • Legal Entity: Pay Ladies Ltd
  • Activities: Payment consultancy firm in the High-Risk Branches
  • Location: London, UK
  • Regulations: Not necessary
  • Key People: Sharome Nirmalakumar, Teresa Hockley, Georgina Rebekah Abbey

Pay Ladies Ltd stands as a distinguished payment consultancy firm specializing in the high-risk industry. With a diverse range of expertise covering gaming, gambling, crypto, forex, adult entertainment, and more, they operate globally, facilitating merchants in finding the most suitable payment providers and solutions.


Pay Ladies offers a comprehensive range of services, including outsourcing solutions, risk navigation consulting, tailored solutions for unique industry needs, and guidance in the crypto landscape. Their strategic partnerships with numerous payment providers reflect their commitment to customization and optimization, connecting clients with the most suitable partners.

Core Services:

  1. Negotiating Secure Credit Card Processing: Ensuring secure and seamless transactions with a focus on negotiating favorable terms.
  2. Assisting in Company Formation: Providing invaluable assistance aligned with payment industry regulations during the critical phase of company formation.
  3. Exploring and Implementing Alternative Payment Methods: Tailoring solutions to specific client requirements, enhancing flexibility for diverse customer needs.
  4. Facilitating IBAN Acquisition and Implementation: Streamlining payment processes by facilitating the acquisition and implementation of IBANs.

Serving Industries:

  • High Risk: Gaming, Gambling, Crypto, Forex, Adult entertainment.


Pay Ladies operates under the regulation that they solely advise on finding a payment provider and do not offer financial products. Consequently, they do not require a license.

Customer Review:

Currently, there are no customer reviews available.

Key People:

  • Sharome Nirmalakumar
  • Teresa Hockley 
  • Georgina Rebekah Abbey

All 3 founders previously worked at Ruchi Rathor’s payment scheme PayAgency, although they parted ways with Rathor and ended the collaboration, we have received whistleblower information that they were heavily involved in all actions.


Due to their previous bonds with Rathor, we are upgrading them to ORANGE.

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