Vanished Dutch high-risk payment processor

OrangePay is an unregulated payment processor based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Through its website,, the payment processor offers its services to merchants and accepts high-risk customers.

It is currently not clear whether this OrangePay is related to OrangePay, which until a few months ago, operated in the high-risk segment under the domain, supporting many scams. This “old” OrangePay specialized mainly in FX, gambling, and cryptocurrency transactions, and primarily in scams.

The website was active at least between 2013 and 2019 and is offline now. DigitalOcean in Amsterdam hosted this old site and various domains. On the new website, we have not been able to identify any legal entities or people behind the payment processor.

We assumed a direct connection to this old OrangePay and included the payment processor in our “Red Compliance Light” list.

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