Regulated Russian-controlled crypto exchange

Indacoin is a crypto payment and exchange and the trading name of the regulated Estonian Indacoin OÜ and the UK-registered Indacoin Limited. The company was founded in 2014 and is mainly owned by Russian nationals Stanislav Kosorukov.

Indacoin is headquartered in the United Kingdom and Estonia that allows customers to acquire major cryptocurrencies quickly using their debit or credit card without registering. Indacoin even offers a free mobile-based wallet for its customers to secure their digital assets.

There are strict buying limits, and certain limits are present during one’s first few transactions. For the first transaction you’re limited to $50, the second transaction’s limit, which is available on the 4th day, is $100 and the third transaction’s limit is $500, which is on the 8th day from the first buy. The total limit for the first month will be $5,000 and no more limit after that.

In 2015, Indacoin’s website was blocked by the Russian government as part of the Russian authorities’ campaign against Bitcoin.

Due to the events around FTX and the Bitcoin market, we downgrade all Crypto Exchanges and companies on our Platform to Orange, due to increased risk

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