High Risk Gateway

Key Data

  • Trading Name: GSPAY
  • Legal Entity: not given
  • Activities: High-Risk Gateway
  • Authorization: no
  • Location: UK

GSPAY is a high-risk merchant account provider, founded in 2004. GSPAY is headquartered in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

It is very little on the company’s website about GSPAY’s history or background, not even a mention of the CEO or senior staff.


The company specializes in providing offshore merchant accounts and third-party merchant account payment solutions for international businesses.

GSPAY’s offshore and high-risk merchant accounts allow e-commerce merchants to process credit card payments online.

Accepted credit cards are:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and international Discover cards.


  • transaction fee at a rate of $0,20-$1,00
  • refund fee at a rate of $0,50-$1,00
  • Chargeback Fee $35.00-$50.00
  • $40.00 per wire transfer


Businesses considered high risk by Gspay include online pharmacy merchants, online dating, call centers, web hosting merchants, outbound telemarketing and prepaid phone service providers, and the herbal product industry.


We have found no online customer reviews for GSPAY or press releases.


Gspay does not provide any company data (legal entity, founder, management…), and there are no customer reviews about them. Due to the lack of transparency regarding their data and lack of web presence, intentional or not, we are forced to include the company in our “Red Compliance” list.

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