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Swapzone is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator.

As the name suggests, Swapzone is a platform that focuses on swapping digital assets instead of buying or selling them in exchange for fiat currencies. The users can swap the currency they wish to exchange with any supported assets through the platform.

Swapzone scours the cryptocurrency and blockchain marketplace with the aim of collecting all the data and other key variables such as exchange rates, time required for transactions, exchange pairs, etc. This data is then presented to users or individuals, who can then choose the exchange that gives them the best results and desired performance.

The exchanges displayed in the Swapzone can be sorted by exchange rate, delivery time or overall platform rating.

The exchange aggregator also highlights the money that is stored by some exchanges over others, which can be a valuable feature for beginners.

Swapzone supports over 700+ crypto assets and several dozen currencies for which the content is provided.

The platform does not store or mine crypto, but it simply provides an interface to exchange crypto through the respective cryptocurrency exchanges.


Due to the events around FTX and the Bitcoin market, we have downgrade all Crypto Exchanges to Orange, due to increased risk

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