Anonymous Russian high-risk payment processor

Key Data

  • Trading Name: FreeKassa
  • Legal Entity: not disclosed
  • Activities: Russian high-risk payment processor
  • Location: Russia 
  • Regulations: none

FreeKassa (Free-Kass) is a Russian high-risk payment processor with offices in Moscow.


It offers a lot of modules for merchants to accept credit card payments such as WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce, or Magento.

FK Wallet is FreeKassa‘s digital wallet to receive and send cryptocurrencies.

According to the website, FreeKassa has more than 1,200 merchants and some 12 million wallets.


The company does not disclose the operator, which is a red flag. Moreover, we have uncovered FreeKassa as a payment processor in several broker scams. Thus, we include it in our “Black Compliance” list.

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  1. Thieves, they just stole my money!!! be careful

    Thieves, they just stole my money!!! be careful

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