Banking and Payment service providers

Key Data

  • Trading Name:
  • Legal Entity: Ocorio Ltd.
  • Activities: Banking and Payment service providers
  • Location: Cyprus/Hong Kong
  • Regulations: none
  • Key People: Joseph Zaval (Linkedin) is an agency that specialises in payments architecture, creating complex payment solutions for merchants in medium and high-risk industries.


Their service includes:

  • IBAN Accounts
  • Card processing
  • Crypto operations
  • Local payment methods


not given


Low to High Risk:

banks, payment companies, crypto businesses, gaming, gambling, forex, financial markets, adult, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cbd, precious metals, marketing, technology, travel, e-commerce and other.


It is worth noting that operates without specific regulatory oversight, which raises concerns about the level of compliance and consumer protection measures in place.


Joseph Zaval:(Linkedin): Founder

FinTelegram Article:

Joseph Zavala, also known as Juozas Zavaliauskas, is a Lithuanian-born individual residing in the hills of Foinikaria, Cyprus. He maintains a profile on LinkedIn under the name Josef Z., where he presents himself as a co-founder of Paytopus, a “global payments and banking platform” ( Paytopus offers services such as bank account IBAN solutions, card issuing and processing, and crypto solutions. However, the website lacks essential information such as an imprint, names, or legal details, and it is noted to have functionality issues.

Notably, insiders allege that Joseph Zavala is one of the beneficial owners of Secure Nordic Payments UAB, operating as MisterTango, a company regulated in Lithuania. MisterTango has been linked to facilitating numerous broker scams, including the PumaTS scam broker network, CCXcrypto, ProCapitalMarkets, and the GetFinancial binary options and broker scam.

In October 2019, the Bank of Lithuania imposed a fine of €245,000 on MisterTango UAB for violations of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) requirements. This was the third instance of the e-Money Institution being penalized for such violations, with previous fines in 2016 and 2018.

Following the penalty in October 2019, MisterTango UAB underwent a name change to Nordic Payment Systems UAB. The CEO at the time, Kęstutis Šimėnas, was replaced by Svetlana Ziubrovskienė. Despite the name change, the MisterTango brand and website ( were retained.

Customer review

Regrettably, no customer reviews or feedback pertaining to the company have been sourced thus far.


Due to Josef Zaval’s history with Mistertango and their involvement in broker scams and a missing license as well as missing customer reviews we downgrade to RED.

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