Australian high-risk payment processor

Key Data

  • Trading name: Floxypay
  • Legal entityies: Floxypay Payments Inc, Floxypay Europe Ltd
  • Activities: High-risk payment gateway
  • Authorization: No
  • Location: Australia

Floxypay is a high-risk payment gateway that allows users to make global payments in cryptocurrencies or fiat and support their high-risk business by handling all online purchases and important transactions.


It is an online payment service that acts like a bridge, connecting the merchant’s business directly with customers. The seamless crypto payment solution helps reduce customer churn and ensures that all payments are processed seamlessly within at least 24 hours.

It has operations in Australia and Nigeria.

With Floxypay, customers have the ability to trade a variety of crypto payment options and currencies.

Their service includes:

  • Crypto payment gateway
  • Independent and transparent transactions
  • Global payment gateway
  • Multi-cryptocurrency wallet

Floxypay can make withdrawals in multiple currencies and also in cryptocurrencies.


Due to the fact that Floxypay has almost no web presence, which means no customer reviews and a lack of transparency in the transmission of their company data, we classify the company in our “Red Compliance” list.

2 reviews

  1. This is a very easy to use and safe for online transactions.

  2. This is so good for online transactions .You should give it a try

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