ePay Global

Unregulated US high-risk payment processor

Key Data

  • Trading Name: ePay Global
  • Legal Entity: Eskay Global LLC, Eskay Global Ltd
  • Activities: Merchant Services Provider
  • Location: US, UK
  • Regulations: no
  • Key People: not disclosed

ePayGlobal is a platform for online merchants looking for payment solutions.

The ePay Global Offering

Payment services are offered for the US (ACH) and Europe as well as credit card processing. The procurement of offshore merchant accounts and other merchant services are also offered.

Their service incudes:

  • High Risk Merchant Account
  • Payment gateway
  • eCheck Payment Gateway
  • ACH Payment Processing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Direct Debit Solution
  • Offshore Merchant Account
  • MOTO/Virtual Terminal

The Industries

The payment services offered on the website are aimed almost exclusively at merchants in high-risk segments such as adult entertainment, online drugs and pharmacy, software or travel agencies.


The website does not provide any information on fees.

Customer Reviews

On Trustpilot ePay Global holds a 1.6-star rating with a corresponding “Poor” trust level. Some reviewers call them a scam.

Compliance Check

We were unable to verify the information provided by ePay Global on the website. We did not find EskayPay Global Ltd in the UK in Companies House. Nor did we find EskayPay Global LLC in the US. They cannot be found in the OpenCorporate directory either. These are red flags.



We have therefore added the payment processor to our Red Compliance List.

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