Ecore Merchant Services

UK-based merchant service provider

Ecore Payments Ltd d/b/a Ecore Merchant Services offers card processing services to high-risk merchants. Paul Solinsky, born in Feb 1993, is the company’s director and beneficial owner. His relative Maurice Solinsky, born in Sept 1996, is also registered as the beneficial owner.

Paul Solinsky is also the director and controlling person of the UK entity PGSELLERS LTD (see profile here), which officially runs an online execution platform for traders but acts as a scam facilitator and illegal payment processor.

Ecore Merchant Services website does not really work and seems like a fake. Many links lead to non-existent Pages and 404 error messages.

Ecore Merchant Services claims to be a partner of the Irish Elavon Merchant Services. Paul Solinsky’s entities have come to attention several times as scam facilitators.

Based on the involvement of PGSELLERS in scam-facilitating activities, we include his venture Ecore Merchant Services in our “Black Signal” compliance list.

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