Payments Solutions

 Key Data

  • Trading Name: Coxipay
  • Legal Entity: Coxi AB
  • Activities: Digital banking platform
  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania 
  • Regulations: unregulated
  • Key People: not given

CoxiPay is a financial services provider established in Vilnius, Lithuania.

CoxiPay presents itself as a One Stop-Payment solution designed to meet a wide range of client needs.


Coxipay offers a range of payment processing solutions for global e-commerce merchants. As a direct card acquirer and payment service provider, Coxipay enables merchants to accept payments in multiple currencies through Visa, Mastercard, and their sub-products. The platform ensures security with protocols like Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode, and includes anti-fraud systems to protect transactions. Additionally, Coxipay supports recurring payments, direct credit transactions, and uses TOKEN technology for safer, streamlined cardholder data management.


One concerning aspect of Coxipay is that it operates as an unregulated entity. This lack of regulation may expose users to potential risks not covered under standard financial oversight mechanisms, such as insufficient consumer protection and a higher possibility of operational discrepancies. For businesses and consumers relying on their services, this could mean increased vulnerability in transaction security and financial reliability.

Customer Review

Coxipay’s absence of customer reviews raises concerns about its reliability and user satisfaction. In the competitive field of payment processing, customer feedback is crucial for verifying a company’s credibility and service quality. Without reviews, potential clients have no insights into user experiences or the effectiveness of Coxipay’s services, which could deter them from choosing Coxipay as their payment processor. This lack of transparency may suggest issues with customer service or dissatisfaction, critical factors for businesses considering a long-term partnership with a financial service provider.

Concluson and Rating

In conclusion, due to the absence of a formal license, regulatory oversight, and customer reviews, we rate Coxipay with an ORANGE listing. This rating reflects significant concerns regarding the company’s compliance and transparency, which are essential for establishing trust and reliability in the financial services sector. Potential users should consider these factors critically when evaluating Coxipay as a payment processing option.

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