Dutch crypto payment processor

Coinvert is a fully bootstrapped fintech startup based in Amsterdam.

Coinvert was founded in November 2018 by Glenn Chiu (Linkedin), Randy Vanenburg (Linkedin), Thijs Weitkamp (Linkedin) and Thomas van der Voort (Linkedin).

Coinvert‘s mission is to simplify and democratize digital assets by giving everyone the ability to trade digital assets.

More specifically, Coinvert is an app that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and get paid by anyone.

Coinvert is authorized and regulated by the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank).

Our research did not reveal much about the company as there are almost no customer reviews.
But there was a Coinvert based in UK which turned out to be a scam.
There is nothing to suggest a connection between the two companies, but caution is advised.

We classify the company in our “Orange Compliance” list, due to missing news feed.

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