Crypto wealth management

Coinmotion (formerly Prasos) was co-founded in 2012 by Henry Brade which is part of the Coinmotion ltd group which is one of the largest bitcoin service providers in the Nordic countries.

Coinmotion provides a stable platform for trading, storing, and using bitcoins, focusing on ease of use and design.

The company’s service enables the instant purchase of Bitcoins and instant transfers with no fees between users, while the basic Bitcoin protocol comes with fees and delays.

People can use their cryptocurrencies to manage their wealth with Coinmotion – from automating investments to taking out a secured loan.

Coinmotion‘s main security feature lies in its cold storage. The company holds only a small number of coins in online wallets as a reserve for its customers. The rest is stored offline in paper wallets secured in vaults.


We could not find any complaints around the company but Due to the current tense crypto industry, we downgrade all crypto companies to ORANGE for an undetermined period of time.

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