A money exchange service provider

Chynge is a blockchain FinTech company that makes cross-border payments with smart compliance. It was founded in 2015 by Johari Tusin. The company has two beneficial owners, its founder Johari Tusin and the Swiss/British banker Franz Walter Lye, whose name appears in connection with various offshore leaks.

Chynge offers a mobile-based platform for nationwide money/currency transfer. It allows users to exchange their currencies for another based on their needs and volume. The currency can be selected depending on the country, whenever and wherever a user wishes to do so.

Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Big Data, cloud computing, distributed ledger technology, and facial recognition, the platform allows users to exchange money (foreign currency, fx) directly with each other or with licensed money changers.

Their platform is based on a token system to digitalize payments on their blockchain for cross-border fund transfers.

The company itself has no negative reputation, but due to the connection of its shareholder Franz Walter Lye to offshore leaks scandals, we put Chynge on our “Orange Compliance” list.

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