Suspicious High-Risk Provider

Key Data

  • Trading Name: CENTPAYS
  • Legal Entity: Centpays Infotech Private Limited
  • Activities: Payment Processor
  • Location: India
  • Regulations: none
  • Key People: not given 

CENTPAYS is a Payment Processing Technology platform, based in India.


Their service includes:

  • Alternative Payment Methods
  • Crypto Payment Procesing
  • White Lable Payment Gatway
  • Credit and Debit Card ProcessinG
  • Multiple Payment Options


not given


High Risk:

Crypto, E-Commerce, Gaming


It is worth noting that CENTPAYS operates without specific regulatory oversight, which raises concerns about the level of compliance and consumer protection measures in place.


Their owner is called Akshay Gupta and they have many fake accounts with American names but they are actually Indian.

Customer review

At the time of this review, there are no available customer reviews or testimonials for CENTPAYS. The absence of customer feedback makes it challenging to assess the company’s reputation and the quality of their services.

Compliance Check

CENTPAYS has raised concerns due to a lack of transparency regarding its licensing and founder/owner information. The absence of these critical details raises red flags, as legitimate and trustworthy businesses typically provide such information readily.

Moreover, the company’s involvement with high-risk industries, specifically in the casino sector and its partnerships with delasports and 1xbet, adds another layer of concern.

During compliance checks, the discovery that CENTPAYS presented fake IDs in the names of “Sanooj Misha” and “Prachi Mishra” is particularly alarming. This raises questions about the company’s integrity and adherence to legal and ethical standards.

The identified owner, Akshay Gupta, and the alleged use of numerous fake accounts with American names while being of Indian origin further contribute to the dubious nature of CENTPAYS.

In light of these issues and the overall lack of transparency and credibility, we assign a BLACK rating to CENTPAYS. This rating serves as a cautionary measure to potential users or partners, highlighting the need for careful consideration and due diligence before engaging with this entity.

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