CB eCommerce Processing

Cyprus-based high-risk merchant services provider

Key Data

  • Trading Name: CB eCommerce Processing
  • Legal Entity: CB eCommerce Processing Ltd
  • Activities: high-risk merchant services provider
  • Location: Cyprus
  • Regulations: unregulated
  • Key People: Christian van Biezen (LinkedIn).

CB eCommerce Processing is a Cyprus-based high-risk merchant services provider and payment processor owned and operated by the payment veteran Christian van Biezen (LinkedIn).

CB eCommerce Processing refers to the processing of electronic transactions through a payment gateway that facilitates the exchange of payment information between a customer and a merchant. The acronym “CB” may stand for “carte bancaire”, which is the French term for “bank card”. This type of processing is commonly used for online retail transactions and can involve various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and alternative payment options.


The payment processor offers global acquiring services, payment processing services, risk management, and revenue optimization services.


The fees associated with CB eCommerce processing can vary depending on several factors, including the type of payment gateway being used, the type of payment method being processed, and the merchant’s processing volume.


We have not found any complaint about CE eCommerce Processing and thus include it in our “Green Compliance” list.

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  1. First-rate site I tend to be of the same opinion with most of what you wrote. I would like to see more posts on this. I will bookmark and come back.

  2. CB-ECOMMERCE-PROCESSING is actually a merchant account provider and a one stop solution provider.

    CB-ECOMMERCE-PROCESSING is actually a merchant account provider and a one stop solution provider. They work with FIS (WorldPay) for fully licensed and low risk traffic and receive low prices because of the big volumes sent to WorldPay. They also can help in the high risk verticals as their network is globally on C-level at banks and payment facilitators. Also they advice and consult very wealthy private investors, especially in New York. If you need with AML or KYC procedures, they can also help in those areas and offer supporting people and/or companies to assist a client in these spaces. Very friendly, helpful and transparent way of working and they increase merchants net-income 99% o the time.

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  4. One stop provider for fuly regulated and also high-risk verticals.

    I just also want to address here that we do not only unregulated payments, but many fully regulated payments globally also. And to help you out and to clarify, I chose CB as it relates to many different topics, such as Charge Back, Carte Bancaire, Christian Biezen, etcetera…. We help ANY vertical related online with decreasing costs, increasing their payments acceptance ratio, and increasing the net-income. If you need any assistance or help, feel free to email to sales@cb-ecommerce-processing.com.

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