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CardX was established in 2013 by Jonathan Razi (Linkedin) and is a provider of merchant accounts for businesses, government agencies and the education sector.

The company exclusively promotes its zero-fee (surcharge) pricing model, which allows merchants and institutions to pay virtually no net fees for payment processing.

For most business types, including government and education, CardX processes all major debit and credit cards.
Services include:

EMV card readers and swipers, virtual terminal access, and payment gateway access.

Currently, CardX has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received around 10 public complaints in recent years.

CardX’s pricing plan charges a merchant’s customers a surcharge on all credit card transactions to offset the merchant’s payment processing costs.

On debit cards, CardX is not allowed to surcharge, so merchants must pay 1% plus $0.25 for qualified debit card transactions and 3.38% for commercial debit card transactions.

In order to pass on the credit card fee, merchants must comply with the contractual terms required by the card brands (such as Visa and MasterCard) as a condition of accepting their cards. With CardX as a turnkey solution, it covers everything automatically.

In the last few years CardX has been involved in several court cases defending its ability to use the surcharges that allow it to process “zero charges”.

We could not find any irregularities around CardX and therefore classify it in our “Green Compliance” list.

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