C24 Bank

German Neobank

Key Data

  • Trading Name: C24 
  • Legal Entity: C24 Bank GmbH
  • Activities: Neobank
  • Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Regulations: authorized by the BaFin
  • Key People: Lasse Schmid (Linkedin),Robert Genz (Linkedin)

C24 is the direct bank of the comparison portal Check24.

It is an N26-style neo-bank that offers checking accounts and debit cards, but at the same time has a close connection to the well-known comparison portal and thus almost becomes a shopping advisor. But C24 is operated exclusively by Check24.

Check24 also uses Neobank to market its own services. Because since the bank gives the company insights into its customers’ payment behavior, it can immediately make suggestions that help customers save money.

The comparison portal Check24 launched its bank in mid-2020 with a full banking license. Among other things, it entices customers with a free current account and brokers financial products from other banks.


Their service includes:

  • Overdraft facility
  • Installment loan
  • Construction Financing
  • Credit card
  • Joint accounts
  • Online banking
  • Photo transfer
  • Daily deposit account
  • Real-time bank transfer


C24 offers a choice of three current accounts: Smart, Plus, and Max. The Smart account is free of charge, while the other rates cost EUR 5.90 and EUR 9.90 per month respectively. An overdraft facility is always included, for which interest of 6.99 percent per year is charged.

Compliance Problems

The German BaFin reprimanded C24 Bank in February 2023. The credit institution must ensure proper business organization and meet additional capital requirements. This was announced by the supervisory authority on Thursday. The deficiencies had been uncovered during a special audit that took place on a regular basis last summer. BaFin had already issued corresponding orders to C24 2022 in December, which have now come into force, the statement from the financial supervisory authority continues.

Customer Rating

On Trustpilot C24 achieves a rating of 4.8 stars with about 2000 reviews and 3.6 stars on google


From a customer perspective, there should be no problems with the bank, however, due to the bank’s compliance problem with the German financial regulator, we downgrade to ORANGE.

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