Vanished Estonian crypto payment processer

BitxTech is a crypto payment processor and exchange operated by the CryptoFactory OÜ, registered in Estonia as a crypto payment processor. Until Sept 2020, the company had a crypto license from the Estonian FIU. The Israeli Or Bar, born in Sept 1987, is registered as the director. The company’s website went offline a while ago.

BitxTech has increasingly come to the attention of broker scams in recent months as a supporting payment processor. BitxTech and other crypto payment processors like XchangePro or CryptoPayIn (see profile) use the same application and identical onboarding processes. They appear to be clones or white label solutions.

BitxTech has been involved in numerous broker scams as a payment processor with different domains.

We have exposed Bitxtech as a payment facilitator in several scams, so we included it in our “Red Compliance Light” list. Now it has vanished!

Last update: 2 May 2022

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