Bank card processing company

AzeriCard is an Azerbaijani bank card processing company based in Baku. It offers a “mobile wallet” solution. Customers can use their smartphone to pull out cash from ATMs without using an actual bank card during the transaction.

Additional services include:

  • Internet Banking
  • Phone Banking
  • MobilBank

In 2020, the AzeriCard processing center signed a strategic partnership with VISA.

The company offers most of its services on the domestic market, as it has been operating in Azerbaijan since the end of the last century and was the first bank in the country to offer credit cards to the population. It cooperates with numerous Azerbaijani companies.

AzeriCard carries out processing for 16 banks in Azerbaijan and abroad, all of which are members of International Payment Systems. AzeriCard is one of several subsidiaries of the International Bank of Azerbaijan.

AzeriCard cooperates with many international banks, including Russian banks such as IBA-Moscow, which is also a sister company of the International Bank of Azerbaijan.

Due to the close cooperation with Russian banks, which are heavily sanctioned, we include AzeriCard in our “Orange Compliance” list.

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