Important Notice Regarding Unlawful Sharing of Personal Identification Documents by Payomatix, PayAgency & RaiseMoneyImportant

Urgent Alert

It has come to light that sensitive personal identification documents, specifically a passport and ID, have been shared unlawfully on public forums and various Telegram groups. The individual affected by this privacy breach has identified Ruchi Rathor and her associated entities—Payomatix, PayAgency, RaiseMoney: India’s Finest Startup Platform, and PayoBill—as responsible for the unauthorized distribution of these documents.

Statement from the Affected Party

The individual, whose privacy has been compromised, issued a statement clarifying that the identification documents in question were stolen. They stress that any problems or misuse arising from this unlawful distribution should not be attributed to them. They emphasize the importance of direct communication for any ongoing issues or concerns related to this matter.

Call for Cooperation and Understanding

The affected party has expressed appreciation for the community’s understanding and cooperation as they navigate the repercussions of this incident. They have made it clear that they intend to distance themselves from any liabilities associated with the misuse of their stolen documents.

List of Alleged Involved Parties

The following individuals have been listed as being involved in the identity theft:


This announcement serves as a crucial reminder of the significance of safeguarding personal information and the potential repercussions of its misuse. PayRate42 urges its readers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to this case. The community’s proactive engagement is essential in supporting the affected individual and ensuring such incidents are addressed promptly.

Note: This article is based on a user-submitted announcement and has not been independently verified. Readers are encouraged to approach the information with caution and seek further verification as needed.