PayCom42 Profiler

PayCom42 is a recently launched venture with the goal of mapping the global payment processor scene. We want to make the world of CyberFinance safer and provide guidance to consumers and businesses.

As a PayCom42 Profiler, you actively search for payment processors. These are all companies or websites that offer legal or illegal, regulated or unregulated payment services. For the payment processors you find, you create a profile using our form and upload the completed profile to our site.


We pay you per uploaded and approved profile. We reserve the right not to publish profiles if we think they are wrong or if there are other reasons not to publish them.

The conditions are currently

  • Per activated profile, we pay you €15 (Euro fifteen);
  • Weekly billing;
  • Payment on Monday of the next week;
  • Payment via PayPal or Bitcoin (BTC);

If you are interested in joining our StartUp as a Paycom42 Profiler, please apply using the form below.


Please provide the link to your LinkedIn and/or Facebook profile
One or two sentences will do but feel free to write more.