Mayur Kamat, previously a key figure at the crypto exchange Binance, is set to join the Berlin-based digital bank N26 as its Chief Product Officer starting in the second quarter of 2024. Kamat brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at Binance, where he was instrumental in leading the global product and design teams. His career spans significant roles across Agoda, Google, and Microsoft, marking him as a veteran in the field.

N26, quartered in Berlin, has shifted its focus back to product development and innovation after a period heavily concentrated on addressing regulatory challenges posed by the German financial market authority, BaFin. In his new role, Kamat is poised to oversee the product and user experience divisions of N26, steering teams across Berlin, Barcelona, and Vienna. His leadership will cover a broad spectrum of product lines, including banking services, savings, investment opportunities, loans, and shared banking functions, aiming to bolster N26‘s offerings.

Kamat’s appointment comes at a crucial time for N26, as the bank seeks to enhance its financial platform, prioritizing technological innovation, customer-centric product development, and an exceptional user experience. Under Kamat’s guidance, N26 aims to expand its product portfolio, building upon recent innovations such as a new interest rate product and a trading integration feature developed in partnership with Upvest

Industry observers are keenly watching Kamat’s move to N26. It signifies a significant crossover of talent from the world of cryptocurrency to traditional fintech, promising a fusion of expertise that could lead to innovative banking solutions for N26‘s global customer base.

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