Cypurs-based high risk gateway

Key Data

  • Trading Name: Centrobill
  • Legal Entities: Centrobill Ltd, Eurobill Tech Ltd
  • Activities: international payment processing company
  • Location: United States/Cyprus/Canada
  • Regulations: unregulated
  • Key People: Andrew Granadzer  and Stan Fiskin

Centrobill is an international payment processing company that provides various tools and services for processing online payment transactions for consumers, especially for high-risk industries such as online dating or adult entertainment. Andrew Granadzer, a Centrobill co-founder, is also the COO of Bit Systems in Ukraine.

The Offering

Centrobill is a merchant services provider and does not have its own products for retail customers. Their service includes:

  • Crypto payments
  • Bank transfers
  • Alternative Payment Options


Centrobill targets high-risk industries such as online dating or adult entertainment. Centrobill‘s merchants include the operators of the adult portals myDirtyHobby or FAP House.


On Trustpilot, Centrobill has a 1.5-star rating with a corresponding “Bad” trust level. The rating has actually deteriorated over the last few months since our initial listing. Some German law firms have published complaints about Centrobill or its Cypriot company Eurobill Tech on their website.


We rate the company on Orange due to the many bad reviews on Trustpilot, warnings from lawyers, and their aggressive approach.

7 reviews

  1. Bogus review

    Centrobill has existed since 2012. As a technology company, we do not engage in any regulated activity. We respect the laws and value privacy for our owners and employees.

    Our Trustpilot rating reflects that just a tiny fraction of the customers are unsatisfied with our service. We do not purchase or solicit reviews, yet our rating is higher than that of PayPal or Bank of America.

    There is no reasonable explanation for this review other than @42PayRate being a #scammer and #blackmailer.

    1. All our profiles are based on careful research, and we are also always pleased to discuss any issues with the companies.
      Our mission is to educate and protect merchants and their customers, any other claim is a deformation.
      You are welcome to claim the profile for free to provide additional information.

  2. Let's see how long his comment stays online for. Truth hurts?

    All reviews on this website are mainly based on the Trustpilot profiles of respective companies. However, Trustpilot is where all bad reviews are honest, and good reviews are primarily solicited or paid. Because, with very few exceptions, well-served customers have no motivation to leave reviews. 

    You create fake reviews to stimulate companies to register on your website to defend themselves against your false accusations. Pointless debates where you are a lawmaker, a judge, and a prosecutor. Furthermore your “claim for free” gives a clue about your planned monetization.
    A very questionable business model, Mr. Boehm. It is cyber-racketeering, in fact. We will be submitting a true review of this #scam #blackmail #fraud website to the #bundespolizei Wien.

    1. The truth is that Andrew, the Kyev-based founder of Centrobill, is blackmailing and defaming PayRate42 to have the rating improved. However, we stand by our conclusions and our rating based on the facts we explained.

      Claiming a profile on PayRate42 is free. In doing so, you can provide additional information which may or may not change the rating.

      Simply looking at the Trustpilot rating of Centrobill and the reviews. They rated Centrobill “bad.” That said, it is only fair to include Centrobill in our “Orange Compliance” list. There is nothing criminal here except the defamation of Andrew! But maybe Centrobill also plans to file a criminal complaint against Trustpilot too.

  3. Mr. Boehm,
    Centrobill takes its bad reviews as deserved and works directly with the consumers to improve our service. We will not feed the trolls like Trustpilot and, apparently, Payrate42. Nor have I ever asked to improve our rating on your website.

    It would help if you treated my review of your website as honest criticism of your work. Frankly speaking, you have not done any research other than checking Trustpilot and Linkedin. There is no evidence, no fact-checking, or attempts to reach out for clarification to the company you are reviewing.
    Investigative reporting has its ethics and requires special diligence and fairness. Although justified by good intentions, a total lack of these is unacceptable from both moral and legal standpoints.

    Centrobill will not claim a profile here or participate in future discussions. Still, you have my email address, Mr. Boehm.

    1. Andrew, neither Trustpilot nor PayRate42 nor any other rating and review platform needs your permission in the first place.

      We have done our homework and fact check. We found that Centrobill is strong in Germany and processes payments for porn platforms for German clients. We found not only the bad ratings on Trustpilot but also complaints from German lawyers and consumer protection platforms regarding your Cyprus company Eurobill Tech Ltd. Evidently, your company is not really known for a great customer experience to put it very politely.

      Centrobill is a high-risk payment processor with merchants in the porn industry. That said, you should have high morale standards and a strict ethic when it comes to protect consumers and their payments, right?

      Thus, we do think that the Orange Compliance rating is actually on the edge to Red.

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United States/Cyprus/Canada

Legal Entities

CentroBill Ltd
Services CentroBill Ltee
Eurobill Tech Ltd

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