PayRate42 has the mission to become a leading rating platform for payment processors in the cyberfinance age. We investigate, list, review, and rate the members of the online payment services industry. Listings here are made either by our administrators or by the respective providers themselves. PayRate42 clients and partners can also propose so-called “Experience Listings” which are checked and curated by our administrators.


1. Add or Claim your Business

As a business owner, you can add your company via a new listing or claim an already testing listing if you are an authorized representative. As the owner of a listing you have can contribute content (text, pictures, links, etc). However, all listings are supervised and curated by HRPP administrators to provide honest information.

As a client or partner, you can submit an “Experience Listing” and make a business available for subsequent reviews and ratings.


2. Get Reviewed and Rated

Upon confirmation, your listing will appear on the PayRate42 site. It will be searchable by visitors interested in payment processors. Moreover, your clients and partners will be able to review and rate your services.

A badge will be added to your listing to mark it as official.


3. Build and Earn Trust

Once listed, your clients and authorized individuals will be able to rate and review your services. It’s your job from here to stay away from bad services, scammers, and malicious business practices.


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