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Review Listing


You would like to share your experience with a payment processor? List, review, and rate a payment processor you have experience with as a merchant, client, or partner.

Not available for business owners!

Standard Listing


You are the business owner? List your payment processor for 12 months, present it to a highly interested audience and start with active reputation management.

Premium Listing


You are the business owner and want the listing with additional benefits? The Premium Listing package includes one press release to be distributed via PayCom42 channels.

All listings, reviews, and ratings will be supervised and curated by PayCom42

Your co-moderated profile

With your paid listing on PayCom42, you become its co-moderator. You decide how you describe your company or brands and their activities. We, of course, have to check that your information is in line with reality.

Reputation management

For payment processors with paid listings, our research and rating team will update you on all rating issues and support you in your reputation management. You are authorized to co-moderate the reviews.

Can I change my listing?

Sure, you can submit changes at any time. The listing is all yours but has to be a true and fair representation.

Which payment methods do you take?

We accept PayPal (for accepting credit card and PayPal account payments) as the default payment option and cryptocurrencies on request.